Canonteign Falls, Devon | Wedding Venues

Canonteign Falls, Devon | Wedding Venues

Canonteign Falls in Devon is home to England’s highest waterfall, which cascades down a staggering 220 ft.

Situated within Dartmoor National Park, at the head of Devon’s Teign Valley, the waterfalls cascade down over ancient rock formations to meet the tranquil lakes below, this wedding venue offers some of the most spectacular waterfall and woodland scenery in Devon.

Above you can see a photograph taken at the foot of the falls. I had visited this location in advance of the wedding and had worked out how I would take their signature wedding photograph. There wasn’t a lot of natural light up near the falls, so to make this shot happen, I used a technique called ‘Dragging the shutter’. Now without getting all technical, this invloves taking the photograph with the camera set to manual. A slow shutter speed is used to capture the low ambient light up at the falls, whilst a flash brolly has been used off to camera right as the main key light. Lastly a small amount of off camera fill flash has been added for a nice bright exposure.

But I don’t want to bore you with the technical stuff, I just want you to enjoy this wedding photograph for what it is. That is why you employ a professional wedding photographer, because then you don’t have to concern yourselves about the photography.

So if you are thinking of planning your wedding at Canonteign Falls, then you might also want to consider hiring a wedding photographer who has worked there before? In which case, please visit my main web site White Petal Wedding Photography where you will find full contact details.


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