Borringdon Park Golf Club, Plymouth. Wedding Venues Devon

Borringdon Park, Plymouth Wedding Venues

Borringdon Park, Plymouth Wedding Venues

Borringdon Park Golf Club, Plymouth, Devon.

Borringdon Park describes itself as being surrounded by two hundred acres of lush green rolling countryside offering views out towards the sea from the balcony. Boringdon Park makes for a good venue for your wedding reception and is close to Plymouth and the main A38.

This venue boasts numerous locations for wedding photography with stunning backdrops, including their historic Triumphal Arch. The Bride and Groom can get whisked up to the arch in a golf buggy if you fancy that idea?

Private apartments are available for use by the wedding party. There is a flexible function suite with folding doors, which allows tailor made function arrangements with your own private entrance.

There is also a lovely lake and water feature within the grounds.

If you are thinking about planning your wedding at Borringdon Park Golf Club, then you might like to consider hiring a wedding photographer who has worked there before.

In which case, please visit our main web site at White Petal Wedding Photography to see more examples of our work and find full contact details.


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